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  • Bigbuzzard1981

    Well, I've made some honorable mentions for the two top 10 lists I've made :D. So, they are-


    - Ronald Mcdonald house (I enjoyed this pasta very much, but I left it out because of its major gore).

    - Pokemon- Strangeled red (Very good shock level, Steven is more of a character than just a video game sprite, but I only wanted to have one pokepasta on the list).

    - Russian Sleep Experiment (It was an actually realistic story, with a great setup and atmosphere, but I just guess its not my real favorite one either).

    - Gateway to the mind (It had a great plot, with a building story, but it just falls apart after he starts hearing all the voices and going insaine).


    - The Real Chuck E. Cheese (I never knew this pasta existed before somebody …

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  • Bigbuzzard1981

    Since I did a list of the worst pastas, here's the best :D.

    10. Funnymouth- it had a pretty good plot, but since the character traits of the main characters are left out, it's somewhat lacking.

    9. Normal porn for normal people- It has a great, complete plot, but the ending wasn't the best.

    8. Pokemon creepy black- I don't like many pokepastas, but this one is actually pretty realistic.

    7. Bootlegs- you may not know this one, but it has a great atmosphere, nice shock, and realistic plot.

    6. Candle cove- It's excellently written, has a good shock level, and great detail.

    5. Abandoned by Disney- great plot, a dark atmosphere, nice detail, everything you would want from a pasta.

    4. Great plot, good atmosphere for describing a game, and…

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  • Bigbuzzard1981

    Well, I've read many bad CPs in my day, but these are the top 10 worst.

    10- Happy appy 2. It really didn't have a plot, and too much unneeded gore.

    9- Hope is lost. It suffers the same problems as "Happy appy 2", and uses the sad "I was an intern at ___" cliche.

    8- Sesame Street- fan episode. It suffers all above, and many sexual details. It can be found currently on Trollpasta.

    7- John's Journal. Not good. Move on.

    6- Red Mist. It's basically "Squidwards suicide", but if you add enough crap, this pasta is created!

    5- Jeff The Killer. I'll get hate for this one.. But let's admit it, it has no complete story.

    4- Papercuts. Too much gore, cliched, and no story. Great, huh?

    3. Aladdin is dead. How can you even fucking read this? This guy should go ba…

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