So the next big thing on Center is that our dorm is moving back to our ancestral home, building 2408. Well, its only been a few months, really, but, dorm is where the pride is. Our old linen was stored in the Residential Office basement, and I was volunteered to help bring back some sheets. Now, this place is a WWII-era air force base, so the basements, tunnels and boiler rooms are extensive. I haven't been to the boiler rooms, but an old dorm mate if mine who works maintenance has. I don't want to after hearing how many cob webs there are.

The RO basement only sort of interested me, seeing how a place crowded with 30 people makes for the most perfect of creepout sessions. This time there were only six. Yeah, we joked about the lights going out and only 5 making it back.

The hallway was lit with coily-hippie-bulbs, so it was dim enough as is. The last one though was especially dim, and dammit, it really would have worked, if it was not for the damn green exit sign! I did appreciate the aesthetic had it not been there. Damn you government with your mandatory exit sign mandates!

The next door over, however provided a "wouldn't-it-be-cool-if" moment. The room was completely dark, lit only by the dim hallway light. You put your head in the window, which only blocks out more. The fear that something front or being you will run through the light excites you, but you eventually pull away, relieved nothing happened.

I pointed this out to some of the others, and they agreed on the creepy-as-fuckitude that it gave off.

I'm just pissed I didn't take pictures. I'll keep it in mind the next time I'm there. Oh, I've been told that all of the basements connect to each other, even to a dorm that was torn down decades ago.

And a few years ago, a student OD'd on a bed at the dorm that I'm moving to. Some people claim to see a figure out some of the Windows. But that will be another blog post...