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  • Big McLargeHuge

    So the next big thing on Center is that our dorm is moving back to our ancestral home, building 2408. Well, its only been a few months, really, but, dorm is where the pride is. Our old linen was stored in the Residential Office basement, and I was volunteered to help bring back some sheets. Now, this place is a WWII-era air force base, so the basements, tunnels and boiler rooms are extensive. I haven't been to the boiler rooms, but an old dorm mate if mine who works maintenance has. I don't want to after hearing how many cob webs there are.

    The RO basement only sort of interested me, seeing how a place crowded with 30 people makes for the most perfect of creepout sessions. This time there were only six. Yeah, we joked about the lights going …

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