When the fuck am I every going to use a blog that actually benefits... well anything really? The short, sweet (bitter) answer is never. I can say I will NEVER use a blog to convey important information about anything site related as blogs are basically a place to place information that literally nobody cares about (see here). Why use a blog for important site rules and information? I know they used them in the past because they had nothing else (except a perfectly good forum system that no one fucking set up). I think blogs should be disabled because the most people interact with blogs is the wiki staff when we delete blogicles. As it stands most of the blogs made ask questions (which should go onto our forum system). There is also the undeniable fact that blogs are just underdeveloped forums (just like message walls). They are of even less use to us than article comments (what the fuck were you thinking there wikia). Conclusion: this was a rant.