Dear Husband,

This has been my first night away from you, I miss you so much, I even had a dream about you. We were both here on the ship, I was so happy, ecstatic even! I couldn't believe it, when I was back in your arms all of my fear vanished, the pain in my heart dissipated, the skies became clear and beautiful, the cold wind became a cool breeze and the open ocean look beautiful and lively instead of dark and freezing. But good things come to an end, When I woke up and rolled over to kiss you as I do every morning I realized you weren't there. It took me a few moments to process what was happening, but when the reality that you weren't there next to me, I broke down and cried, not because I was scared but because I miss you so much. They say we should be reaching New York harbor soon. When we get there I am getting onto the very next ship back home. I can't bear a whole month without you in my arms I just can't. I will see you soon.

With love,