Ok, so here my thoughts on this whole grammar squad thing. While it is, in theory, a good idea, this is a wiki site. That means that ANYBODY can make edits and corrections with or without an account. Unfortunately that does leave us open to the trolls and wooting dickholes every once and again but that's why there are other users on here, not just the admins, who can correct their douch-baggetry. As far as having a specific group who lives to correct the pastas...we already have that. They are called the Wiki Users. That's right my loves, you are all grammar guru because you all have the abilities to make edits. Now, that being said, here are some guidelines that XanCrews and I have discussed and believe the Cleric will agree to as well. If not, then he'll obviously add his say to this.

1. When making edits to a page, ensure that you do not edit one thing, then save, then edit another thing, then save etc. Edit the entire page, then save it. Anything else is just pointsgaming, and you all know how we hate that shit.

2. When editing a pasta, CHECK THE CATEGORIES. If it says "OC" down there, find out who the author of that story is and ensure that you have permission to fix their stuff. Or suggest the correction to that author. If they want it fixed, they'll let you, or do it themselves.

3. Before you add categories to a page, CHECK TO SEE IF IT ACTUALLY BELONGS THERE. That means, go to the specific category's page, read the description and ensure it fits. Also, there are other rules about categories on this site. Ensure you know them because ignorance will NOT protect you from Daddy Crews or Unkie Cleric's Banhammers nor from my Spiked Stick of Bandeath.

4. Remember when editing, that just because it's not spelled how you normally see it, doesn't make it wrong. EXAMPLE, the Oxford Colon. (that means using a colon like this. I like bananas, apples, grapes, and tacos. Notice the extra unnecessary colon after grapes...that's proper English).