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So, I'm on my way to the coffee shop to use their Wi-Fi to post some screenshots for the blog I was originally planning to post today, when suddenly I spot something unexpected. What could that be on top of my mailbox? Well, I'll tell you exactly what it is, it's an apple. You're probaby thinking, "What's so unbelievable about an apple?" If that's the case, you might better remember a blog I wrote about a week ago titled, "Happy Appy Is Stalking Me" and the follow-up blog titled, "Apple Antics Revisited" something stange is going on.

Obviously I already pointed out that I don't think something supernatural, or truely sinister is going on, but the fact that an apple has shown up, right on top of my malbox number, again... Well, it makes me feel like someone is directing some kind of message, or prank directly at me.

Am I just being paranoid?