Some people may remember a blog I recently posted about an apple I found on top of my mailbox. Or the follow up blog about how the same apple ramained there later on mutilated. I mention how I've seen many instances of apples in places they don't belong, lately, and promised to post a blog about it if I found another apple in an unusual place. Well so far I haven't found any more apples. But I did find something on top of my mailbox. Two somethings, to be precise one being a knot attached to a brance from a rotting tree, which struck a cord with me in terms of nostalgia, for me. My brothers and I used to pull knots on branches out of rotting logs while walking in the woods when we were kidas we would use then like little puppets which we would speak for in high pitched voices somewhat like creaking doors. We called out little log know puppets Creepy. And while the log knot on top of my mailbox doesn't looke precisely like a Creepy, it's close enough for a reminder.

The other object is a little toy car, it doesn't appear to be hotwheels, or matchbox, but whereas it may realate to the previous apple antics, I can't say gor sure, but the color of the toy car's paint is, I believe, what is referred to as, "Candy Apple Red."

It probably doesn't mean anything but if I just said things like this, without pictures, it may be hard to believe. 

DSC 0168
DSC 0169
DSC 0170
DSC 0171
DSC 0172
DSC 0173

Umby's sick WIP