My head is on the writer's block, I'm waiting for the axe.

I repeat to mysel, "It's just a show, you should really just relax."

I await the lever's pull, within the hangman's noose.

Gimme a bridge now y'all 'cause I feel like bustin' loose.

Blindfolded behind the shed, I face the firing squad.

I aint gonna lie, I aint ready to die, bust out like, "Oh ma Gawd!"

So, yeah, writer's block, see how bad it is? I can't even write a poem that makes any sense. anyway. I've been trying to write a little in the stories I'm working on, every day, but for the past few days I've just been pulling them up, editing some previous paragraphs, and saving without adding anything new. Not really any reflection on ayone, but me. Meanwile I've found it much easier to write these blog posts every day than add anything new to my stories.