In the coffee shop near my apartment, where I post most of these blogs from there is som pretty spooky artwork on the walls. I felt one particular triptych was especially noteworthy in regards to creepypasta, because the girl at the focal point of the paintings reminds me of a creepypasta Icon monster. I find the Icon school of creepypasta sort of intriguing, if for no other reason, because of the extreme contrast in shared opinions. There's one group that just think Icon's are the bee's knees, even going so far as to refer to Icon characters as Creepypastas. While another school of thought insists that Icons need to GTFO to make room for more realist horror.

As for the paintings themselves I'll reserve my further opinions unless a comment discussion starts up. I know the artist, Ren Greerston, but I've never asked her her take on the girl in these paintings... I don't know why.

Anyway, CPW, My question to any of you reading is where do you stand on the Icon issue? And what do you think of the monstergirl in these paintings?

DSC 0174
DSC 0177
DSC 0176