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In a previous blog entry I mentioned that I'd spotted a few apples sitting in random places that I frequently pass by. This is besides the ones showing up on top of my mailbox, of which I have been able to document two instances.

This was on the path back from an ashram where I have lunch some weekends. This is the first instance of a placed apple that I have noticed on this particular rout, and the first I've managed to document not on my mailbox, but in another place that I frequently pass.

Apples are offered as Prasad at the ashram so this one probably came from there, which implies that whoever placed it may have been there at the same time I was there. On the other hand it may still have come from elsewhere. 

In any case this does indicate that the patern continues, whether it's intentional or just random hapenstance. So even if the data is meaningless, the data is there, as long as it remains there. 

Obviously I would have posted this on sunday when I saw this particular apple, but I was unable to post at that time.