When this cup first showed up on top of my mailbox unit I didn't think anything of it, but whe it was still there two days later I decided to take a picture of it, but I didn't post anything about it right away, afer all it's not even on top of my box number. But now, today, two days later the cup is still there.  I won't do anything about it, I don't even wanna thouch it, but it surprises me that nobody else has.

DSC 0178
DSC 0180
Maybe if I write a blog entry about it, it'll finally disappear it seems to've worked so far, stuff appears on top of my mailbox, I write a blog about it, then it's not there anymore. I know it's just a drink, someone probably picked up from the coffee shop and left there on the mailbox 📬. Even so, the fact that it's still there after 4 days, all grody maes it sufficiently creepy, to me, for me to wanna blog about it on here.

That said, I don't know what else to say about it, it's a cup with some unknown beverage sitting on top of unit where my mailbox is. It's not significant, but it creeps me out a bit, I don't know who put it here, or why nobody else has taken it away. I know why I haven't, I'm afraid to touch it, but it's just weird that ever single person would just leave it there.