I'm posting this blog from my mobile phone, the reason why is because on my way home I noticed the apple had been moved, and more than that, it had been mutilated.

I have no idea who done it, and now I'm worried that I won't like the answer. As promised I'll also be adding a picture from the first time I noticed the apple that didn't make it into my previous blog, but I thought it might be wise to add a few paragraphs before I put pictures in, so this entry doesn't wind up taking up as much space on my blog page as the previous entry did.

This time aproaching the apple was much different than the first time, this time my mind was heavy with ponderance about what I'd just posted in the blog, but what caught me off guard, though was that the apple had been moved toward the road, about a foot. And when I approached, I noticed that deep gouges had been cut into the apple.

Right away I ran home to get my mobile phone, which I'd put back at my apartment to charge while I wrote the blog on my laptop at the caffé. First off I took a picture from a similar position to my very first picture, for comparison's sake, when I came in for the close up I immediately noticed a thick, sickly sweet smell, like apple cider, or apple wine, way beyond what you would expect from an apple that was just slightly overripe, as this one appearred to be.

I'll start with the original picture next to the far shot of the damaged apple, so you can see how much it moved.

DSC 0151
DSC 0161
DSC 0162
DSC 0163
DSC 0164