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Entry 2

Hey guys, i'm back!

First: I have some epic idea's for some stories, and i would like it if you guys might send me some idea's.

second: a shoutout to RedRose7, cause of his/her reply! THANK YOUUU!

this is my last day on school, so from tomorrow till monday i'm free to write and add thing to my blog.

I won't be more often online then i am now but i just say this so you guys can expect me to add things on other times than that i add normally.

For people who like my blog or who are interested in what kind of stuff i write, u should check out my upcoming storie on www.Fanfiction.Net.

I don't have a story finished yet but i'll tell it as soon as i completed one kk.

You guys can also request things, like drawings, stories, music and shit, and i will try to do it and send it to you or to put it on my youtube channel ( my life is just boring, i wan't stuff to do).


i also want to ask the staff for some idea's!

See you guys

Bye !X!

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