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Entry 1

Hi guys, i tought, lets start a blog on the creepypasta wiki and see what we get from that.

i wont add much from now on but if you like to read my blog, just say it kk.

i don't have the time to check every single day but ill try to do what i can.

I tell about my life for now on, cause that is sooo exciting!

no just not ;).

Owjeah btw guys, if you want me to write a pasta tell me, and i will.

Well, bout' me:

Im a guy obsessed with horror, but not like movies or shit that are famous.

I like fan made movies about, for example, jeff the killer, slender, rake etc.

I started watching, reading and listening to creepypasta's cause my girlfriend broke up and i needed a kind of adrenile kick, and i get that from jump scares, when i watch and play horrorgames, and from shocking endings.

I also love to RP on twitter with my friends as pastamonsters.

Just say that i need the excitment of horror and the friendship of people who share that with me.

I am also here to get ideas for new stories, just because im actually full of idea's but i just cant get them on paper in the right way.

Im am also from the Netherlands, so sometimes i spell thing wrong, sorry for that.

Bye for now!X!

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