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    Never Give Up.

    May 19, 2013 by BellaIrvine

    A lot of the times I come across people who wanna be some of the most craziest things..They dream about it, they live it, they breathe it. But what stops them from getting there..Its strength and courage, Or believing in yourself..For instance, Some people never get to do they're dream job because of fear. Why fear? Go out and do what you everyone said you couldn't do, don't let them run you're life with they're opinon's. If you're going to shine, do it right. Out run and out smoke everyone who's ever doubted you, don't let hate get to you or even bring you down. You're physical and emotional frame is so much stronger then you think it is. Just Believe in yourself, Guess what's the only thing that matters? YOU.

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