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    Wow, times does go by fast when you're having fun. What I'm going to respond to is a blog I posted back on November 27, 2011, and god was I'm naive and well, kinda a jerk back then. I'm still naive today but it wasn't as bad as in 2011.

    Also, back in 2011, I was known as Beanisawsome2 on youtube, but that account was deleted. If you really want to contact me on youtube, I'm known as BeanisawsomeNT ( I don't do much on the site but I'll respond to any PMs the second you send me, so if you need a friend, I'm always there! :)

    Ok, enough fiddling around, lets explore the stupidy that was of me back in 2011. Keep in mind, I was a freshmen in high school back then. Now I'm a junior in high school, just adding…

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  • Beanisawsome1

    I am back on the Creepypasta wikia, and I won't try to take down any Creepypasta, no matter how bad I think they are. :)

    I also have a YouTube channel. Please subscribe to me at

    Also, on my page, I place a photo of a box art of a game and in the caption, I place in all caps "BEST GAME EVER", I do mean it. It's even better than Mars Matrix. >:3

    Crimzon Clover is indeed the best bullet hell game I played. It's basically DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu but on crack, and instead of only breaking once, like how DoDonPachi have you do it, you can actually double break. It's fun.

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