Barbosa & Azul

  • I live in Portugal
  • My occupation is Being a Psycho
  • I am Male
  • Barbosa & Azul

    I was wondering, what makes a creepypasta creepy and what kinds of creepypastas are creepiest, of course that this is a somewhat personal choice. To me a creepy pasta is creepy when the danger is not certain, of course that a maniac chasing you with a kitchen knife is scary but if you really think about it… is not that scary, hypothetically if I was in that situation I could just get the shotgun from my closet and blew the psycho to hell, but in real life things are more complicated but you get the point, the fact that I could kill him takes of some of his emotional influence over me. And since I don’t believe in ghosts I think I don’t need to explain why they don’t scare me very much. To me the scariest thing is the loss of sanity, there …

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