I'm well aware that I'm not one of the more "talkative" users on this site and honestly, I'm not sure if that will ever change. As hard as I try, it never seems to work out so this is your opportunity to get to know me "beyond the thorns" so to speak. I hope I'm doing this right, but I guess we'll find out. Never done a "blog" before so be patient with me please:

Name: Here I'm called anything from "Barb" to "Rose" and it doesn't bother me. My real name is Sarabella; yes it sounds like a vampire I'm aware, and I hate it. For that reason, people that I'm close to call me Bella. Feel free to do the same, or not, it doesn't matter to me.

Birthday: I was born two days before my favorite holiday, Halloween. So yes on October 29th I will be celebrating my 20th birthday and no I am not excited about it.

Writing: I am mainly a poetry writer. Because of this, I have an extremely difficult time when it comes to writing Creepypastas. My dark poetry never seems to translate into a storyline well and it leaves me frustrated.

Personality: I am quiet to the point of social awkwardness. Friends, both online and off, have tried for years to get me to "open up" and it just doesn't work. I'm the kind of person that will listen to you talk for hours and say maybe five things. If you ask me a direct question, I will gladly answer you but getting me to start a conversation is like pulling teeth.

Hobbies: I'm an avid reader and writer but with my new job, I rarely find the time anymore. I do play video games but again, the time is not on my side with that either. Horseback riding has always been a passion of mine and I do teach classes every so often.

Side Note: You can find me in chat on occasion but those times are becoming less and less regular. I love all of the people that have shown me kindness and will never forget you. Lately I've felt like I just don't belong however, and am starting to distance myself from this site (not that I was overly active before, I know). You all are amazing people and welcomed me with open arms, I just don't think I belong here. I'm not leaving, I'll just be harder to find.

If there's anything else you want to know, please feel free to ask (and if I did this wrong I'm so sorry). I may not be around much, but I'll always make time for a friend.