Hey all, Banning here to tell you all about the awesome merchandise currently available from All-Star Youtuber Creeparoni and also from me, Hyraaq Tobit t-shirts!

If you haven't checked out her Youtube page yet, by all means click HERE and subscribe for some amazing readings, including the very ambitious readings of almost my entire Tobit series (she intends to complete them all soon!)

Anyway, recently she decided to start selling merchandise, including a sweet horror coloring book as well as some very stellar shirts, to include a Hyraaq Tobit selection.

Her entire collection of merchandise can be viewed and purchased on her store Linked Here.

I mean, just check this beauty out and tell me you wouldn't want to rock this at your next cannibalistic-cult gathering.

Tobit Shirt

So as always, thanks to everyone who has supported my efforts over the years.


K. Banning Kellum