Well folks, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment! Maybe I just can't learn from my mistakes! Maybe I am just painfully optimisitc! Whatever the case may be, I am currently 23,000 words into the direct sequel to my "beloved" reboot of Jeff the Killer, Jeff the Killer 2015!

Now, before anyone starts wondering and asking, let me put your minds at ease. This isn't going to be another contest or vote. I'm going to plunk this sucker over on Spinpasta where it can't hurt anyone. 

So, why write another Jeff? I've certainy received some grief and negative reviews. The story has been roasted on YouTube, and a quick cruise through the comments section here on the current JtK 2015 will show you that there are a lot of people who hated the story.

Well, there are two reasons that I am undertaking yet another Jeff story. For one, despite all the negaive reviews and comments, there are also a ton of great ones. Depending on where you search, some people love the story and others hate it. A lot of people have asked for a sequel and I think the story deserves one.

The other reason is that as a writer, I am an nothing if not a servant to the craft. If I have even the slightest desire to write something, it will develop and eventually demand to be written. I've been putting this one off for so long because I  wasn't sure if I wanted to 'feed the trolls' so to speak; however, as I stated before, if the story is to be told, it will be told.

So, the story is still in the works and will probably appear on Spinpasta within the week, I'll post a blog with all the links when it's done.

As always, thank you to all who have supported me here. I love writing for you all and certainly hope you enjoy my upcoming works!