Just figured I would write a quick, pseudo-advice blog addressing some of the common mistakes that I have noticed writers making when it comes to marketing/promoting their stories.

During the Damn Fine Pasta contest, I was shocked at the amount of writers who contributed their stories with really negative disclaimers on their own work. Phrases such as, "This sucks but it's the best one I got," and comments similar to that really blew my mind.

How can you, as a writer, hope that others will appreciate your work and take you as a writer seriously, when you, the writer, are slamming your own material before anyone has even had a chance to look at it.

I have seen this throughout this site a lot.

Here is the deal, if you're going to take the time to sit down and write something, then post it here, you, at the very least, must support your own product. If you pretense something by saying that it sucks, then guess what, the reader is going to have that warning at the front of their mind the entire time they are reading your work.

If you are going to critique your own writing, either keep it positive, or at the very least, try to be objective towards your own product. If there is going to be negative feedback, let that come from the reviewing community.

Because, in all reality, if you think it sucks, why are you posting it in the first place?