Hey everyone!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that myself and one of my oldest friends, J.C. Pavoni, will be entering into an art-literature collaboration.

J.C. holds a degree in Graphic Design and is simply of the most talented artists that I know. Back when we were all playing Dungeons and Dragons, J.C. was out exclusive "go to guy" for bringing out characters to life on paper.

He will be reading through my pastas and finding inspiration within the characters to draw them out on paper. These pictures will then bring exposure to my stories, as well as CP Wiki as a whole, by being posted on his Tumblr and DeviantArt.

His art will get further exposure on here, as I will attach the pictures to the stories they go with on my profile page, but it will also be a motivating factor for people to looking deeper into his art, when they learn that there is an actual story behind the piece.

J.C.'s art can be viewed here: JC's DeviantArt or here at his Tumblr.

Be sure to take some time to admire his artwork, and I will keep everyone updates as to when we can expect to see some of my characters crawl from the depths of CP Wiki onto paper.