Hey guys, Banning here!

I know I've been a bit off the grid as of late. Had a lot to do here. Creeparoni finally completed the readings of all my Tobit stories, so if you haven't gone on over and given them a listen (and subscribed) do so! 

Creeparoni's Page

As for other stuff, I was hired on by documentary film maker Richard Santiago to write an article to accompany his film When Bullies Become Bosses, an inside look at workplace abuse among adults. Between gathering stats and talking to experts, this little project has taken up a good deal of my time. I intend to complete the article tonight though and will likely post it on ToughNickel where I've written some other non-fiction articles in the past. 

Other than that, we're taking a family trip up to New York this summer. Tickets are bought and right now I'm trying to avoid the heart attack that comes with seeing just how expensive the Air B&B's are in New York. A week there is more than I pay for rent in a month here. 

If you guys haven't checked out Mr. Creepypasta's latest book, The Creepypasta Collection Volume 2, check it out! Creepypasta Collection Volume 2 One of my Tobit chapters, For Love and Hot Chocolate is featured in there, so it's worth the read!

I have an idea rolling around in my head for a new series. It'll take place in a familiar setting with a few familiar faces popping in. (No, it's not another Tobit series.... yet.) Well, since I think I've drained all of my shameless self-promotion for one morning, I'll check back in soon. Hopeing to be a bit more active around here once I get this documentary article done!