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3rd Tobit Installment in the Works!

Just a quick update, my third installment of the Tobit saga is in the works. I am just about at the halfway mark on that chapter, so I would anticipate seeing it go live on the site here within the week. I have learned my lesson about trying to keep deadlines though (it's hard, that's the lesson) so I will certainly aim for finishing it anytime from today (if I really grind into it tonight) all the way to possibly next week. It all just depends on how much time I can dedicate to writing, and of course, if the inspiration keeps flowing or if I encounter that damned writer's fatigue. 

On a side note, my story For Love and Hot Chocolate is up for Pasta of the Month. So, if you're a fan of my work, please give it a read, and if you like it, please vote for it. 

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