1. Is this progressing the story?
  2. Is it engaging the reader?
  3. Is it necessary to understand or comprehend the story?
  4. Are the characters interesting (in the context of the story)?
  5. Is the story readable - in the sense of everything flowing off of the tongue correctly?
  6. Is it realistic (in the context of the story)?
  7. Is it consistent (in the context of the story)?
  8. Would a critique of the story be long and drawn out, or would it be short and precise?
  9. Is this going to come back later?
  10. Is the story long/short for the sake of being long/short?
  11. Would the story be better fleshed out and long, or would it be better to get short, precise, and to the point?
  12. Does it make sense for this to happen?
  13. Would a normal human being do what this person is about to do?
  14. Are the character traits reflected in the story, or are they simply informed abilities?
  15. Are your plot points clear enough for the reader to understand what is going on?

Disclaimer: Forgive me if it isn't in my place to write up something like this. I noticed the first three in quality standards page and figured I'd just write up a few of my own. If some of these seem to be repeating others or unnecessary, I apologize -- I'm exhausted and had to rush around a lot today, so if I need to, I'll correct some of them later.