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    After finally receiving internet at my place, quitting my job at box factory (or rather, being told by a doctor that I have to), and starting my book, I have finally made my return to this website.

    Frankly, I've come back with little to no idea what's transpired as of late.

    However, from what I've gathered, the site has 7 admins. Roughly two or three of them are actually active, and one appears to be planning his resignation (being as it's the 4 of August and the post was on July 27th, I'm not sure if he's planning to do so immediately or in the early to mid future). The site seems to have gone from roughly semi-popular to rather quiet, and the community seems very small.

    Hence, this post. I've decided that I'm going to take initiative, and c…

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  • Bandit King Jack

    At least he's pretty fuckin' dedicated.

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  • Bandit King Jack

    I have cancer.

    February 11, 2016 by Bandit King Jack

    Since I've had minor pains in my arm and a slight sore throat as of late, apparently WebMD has given me the bad news.

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  • Bandit King Jack
    1. Is this progressing the story?
    2. Is it engaging the reader?
    3. Is it necessary to understand or comprehend the story?
    4. Are the characters interesting (in the context of the story)?
    5. Is the story readable - in the sense of everything flowing off of the tongue correctly?
    6. Is it realistic (in the context of the story)?
    7. Is it consistent (in the context of the story)?
    8. Would a critique of the story be long and drawn out, or would it be short and precise?
    9. Is this going to come back later?
    10. Is the story long/short for the sake of being long/short?
    11. Would the story be better fleshed out and long, or would it be better to get short, precise, and to the point?
    12. Does it make sense for this to happen?
    13. Would a normal human being do what this person is about to do?
    14. Are the char…
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