Hello, fellow readers/writers of creepypasta

I finally decided to create an account over here after many weeks of reading. I love how many people actually want to give at least a little effort at writing creepypasta stories (which some rare pieces are actually true, holy cheese), I wanted to give me a try and write one by myself. And actually, it wasn't as easy as I thought at first.

I did a little bit of research about different things - and what I mean by "a little bit" I mean I was very lazy and just searched for some specific little details I didn't exactly know about. This included the radio frequence's minimum and maximum tune, though I didn't find anything in my highly powerful five minutes of research. I was - indeed - lazy.

My mother language is Finnish. This has been a problem while speaking, and sometimes even writing English, which is a pity. I like to use English a LOT more since I usually talk to people who aren't from Finland, and so speak English way more than our complicated language of Finnish.

I just said to myself "Hey, f*ck the finnish. I'll start thinking in english and write lots and lots of different english related things: going into forums, getting more buddies into skype and talking to them, contributing with others in the musical purpose (I compose music, mostly classical "movie music." I think I didn't tell you earlier about this) and so on.

Finally, when I felt like being ready for it, I started writing stories in English instead of Finnish. And surprisingly, it all seemed to work pretty well. Or at least what others were talking about to me. I felt my self confidence raise pretty much, and I was ready to take my main challenge I wanted to take: to write a good original creepypasta story.

So I did it. It's called "Statics". I don't know if it's good or not, but I hope it's a good enough as an entry to the group of other creepypasters. I'm definitely going to write some more, and surely will polish my grammar and writing style while at it.

I hope at least some of you people will like my creations, since I try to spend some time with them to make them as good as possible.

Singing out, going to brainstorm more ideas.

- Bandage