hello as you red the title im going to be talking about my last blog as you know just about every one on the site hated it and so did i after reading the comments  and the worst part is its un need any more and about every thing i said in it is now bs so if you don't know i have a wiki now cool right! no? okay now im going to be doing some real and if you want to hear more im going to make a blog called down word spirill any way right now i am going to be mostly talk about admins know so admins whats has happened to me should never ever happen to noobies to creepy pastas iv only been on for 3 days and i feel really sad mainly from the comments on my last blog what i want is admins just to chill out only a little tiny bit be cease im really scared for noobies to have what happened to me happen to them be cease if what happen to me happened to them th'il think were just a bunch of jack asses and no one wants that thats the last thing we what so what im saying is admins should just not take this as serusly as they are im just scared the noobies will hate us if they have what happened to me happen to them oaky thanks of your time and soory for grammer/spalling erorr oh and one last thing go check out that wiki i was talking about a little bit ago il link it in the comments see you later