I have not been a fan of Creepypasta, but in a way of saying I never really acknowleged them as something I likes, until recently. I heard the Creepypasta titled, "Jane the killer" and looked it up, and ended up in a chain of Creepypastas. Later on, I started getting an obsession with creepy and scary stuff, watching horror games, horror shows like R.L Steins the Haunting Hour because I thought it would be good to start off on, and Horror books like "All the lovely bad ones" and "Cuckoo's song". But I found a website called and I hooked me so hard.

Before I knew it I was tempted to try Charlie Charlie, and I read every single Horror Game you could play like The Bath Game and Midnight Man and Cat Scratch and Concentration and The Shadow World I think its called. I read short stories like Car Keys and Mobile Phone. And I started watching a lot of RPG horror, like Ib (Ib rules) and regular horror games like Wick (Wick also rules).

Creepypastas are cool, 

Slender, a tall figure with a white face with no actuall face and a black suit where you have to collect pages in the middle of the woods.

Ponies who fail their flying test get shipped off Cloudsdale's Rainbow Factory and find out where Rainbows really come from!

Where else can you find stories that fufill your urge to get chills?