aka Badger (Just call me that)

  • I live in Somewhere where it looks like we're nowhere
  • I was born on May 17
  • I am Female
  • Badgerfall

    I have not been a fan of Creepypasta, but in a way of saying I never really acknowleged them as something I likes, until recently. I heard the Creepypasta titled, "Jane the killer" and looked it up, and ended up in a chain of Creepypastas. Later on, I started getting an obsession with creepy and scary stuff, watching horror games, horror shows like R.L Steins the Haunting Hour because I thought it would be good to start off on, and Horror books like "All the lovely bad ones" and "Cuckoo's song". But I found a website called and I hooked me so hard.

    Before I knew it I was tempted to try Charlie Charlie, and I read every single Horror Game you could play like The Bath Game and Midnight Man and Cat Scratch and Concentration an…

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