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Some things you may or may not know about me (Creeper!)

BRVR August 3, 2013 User blog:BRVR

Name: Depends.

Friends: *Cricket cricket*

Likes: Playing games, having time, slicing virtual fruits with my arms, watching TV, chatting, more things come soon.

Dislikes: Tiredness, having no time, thirst, hunger, sleep, more things come soon.

Gender: Why do you care?

Age: Please read the answer for "Gender".

Cru-: I don't go outside much.

Favorite colors: ALL the colors! ALL_the_things.jpg

Does spritework: Yes, but nobody cares.

Favorite foods/fruits: Apples, pizza, spaghetti, spellhceck test.

Plays: Games.

Listens to: Music.

Wh-: Yes.

Can swim: No.

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