The Jeff stuff was fun when I first came to this ever-growing, dark fandom. But now that I've grown as a writer and have learned more about pasta in general, I'm kind of sick of his face.

And his poorly written sequals.

And fan-fictions.

And supposed "sightings".

Don't get me wrong, he's one sexy fucker. I'd go straight for that man. But I really didn't like the original pasta and I especially despise his fans.

AGAIN, DON'T GET ME WRONG, not all of his fans are bad. XxComicKittyxX is a fan and I absolutley love her work. I just feel like people need to try other monsters to use as characters. Maybe give a small time writer who creates their first pasta monster a try. I dare you artist to try and find a random, unknown character and make a picture. It might just make that writer's day.

Just sayin'.