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  • I live in the Everfree Forest.
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is Writer/Artist
  • I am a Catgirl~ Nyan :3
  • BENSGirl97

    This is my final post on this site that I've dedicated hours and hours of work for 3 years now. This wiki used to be about community between pasta-lovers. New rules about submission and genres have made this wiki unfriendly for any new-comer that doesn't meet the high standards of power-abusing admins. Sure, before the huge rules there was alot of shitty stories but it wasn't about perfect quality, it was about fan-girling and teaching early writers about growing in talent. This may seem to be a temper tantrum but honestly, I'm just tired of all of this and I feel that I need to leave before it gets worse. I suggest anyone else that feels the same way to leave as well. Thanks for the fun times before this place went to shit.

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  • BENSGirl97


    January 25, 2014 by BENSGirl97

    I've had everything I've ever created deleted! I've been a loyal member for over 2 years! WHAT THE HELL?! I was taken off the US board and without even a warning! "Quality control"? You allow Sonic.exe on here but not something like "Foregiveness"? Do you know how much time and effort I've spent on this site and on my writings? I want an explanation and NOW.

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  • BENSGirl97

    Anyone else tired of him?

    December 14, 2013 by BENSGirl97

    The Jeff stuff was fun when I first came to this ever-growing, dark fandom. But now that I've grown as a writer and have learned more about pasta in general, I'm kind of sick of his face.

    And his poorly written sequals.

    And fan-fictions.

    And supposed "sightings".

    Don't get me wrong, he's one sexy fucker. I'd go straight for that man. But I really didn't like the original pasta and I especially despise his fans.

    AGAIN, DON'T GET ME WRONG, not all of his fans are bad. XxComicKittyxX is a fan and I absolutley love her work. I just feel like people need to try other monsters to use as characters. Maybe give a small time writer who creates their first pasta monster a try. I dare you artist to try and find a random, unknown character and make a pictu…

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  • BENSGirl97

    I missed this...

    November 11, 2013 by BENSGirl97

    It's been over a year and a half since I've even touched my keyboard that beautiful way. Yes, I'm writing again. F*CK YEAH! And this time I'm going to be working on a novel on the side, working on my youtube account, and starting a website. Yesh, I'm going to be busy but that will not stop me from talking and working with fellow writers. My new piece will be out by the end of this week or the coming Monday. I'll see you then! 

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  • BENSGirl97

    I'm raising money for my Creepypasta Series so I'm making clay earrings. The will be the operator symbol, Jeff's knife, Jane's rose (maybe), ect. Any more Ideas? I'll be posting my Ebid account this Wedsday. Tell me if you want a certain kind of earring, I'll be happy to make it, just email me: All the money I make will go to my props and my camera. I'm completely broke and if I don't make money I don't think I can film. The earrings cost $7 per pair (for custom pairs) and $5 for regular.

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