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If anyone Is wondering why I am not very active is be cause I love the woods and camp in forests a lot . And as trees usually do they don't give off a Wi-Fi signal.My favorite Creepy Pastas are BEN Drowned and Laughing Jack . My favorite hobbies are watching hockey , writing (I am currently writing my own story for a contest in a library) ,drawing , camping, singing , reading , watching horror movies and learning new languages as German. Me and my friends group up and write down and info on lost animal signs and if we find a stray we try finding its owner or we raise it and in a few weeks we find it a good home. I am currently obsessed with flags and now collect tiny flags and put them in my room . My favorite colors are black , gray , and red . I am a awkward social person and I don't talk much cause I am deemed scary to many people, even though I am a nice person once you know me. I know a lot about country's and my favorite country's are England and Norway. And I can most likely be found sitting by my computer drinking a glass a milk as I am right now. I have insomnia and don't sleep much , but when I do I have nightmares . My favorite animal is the horse and I draw My Little Pony often . My favorite place to be is in the forest and in a car . Why in a car you ask , because you are traveling to a place even if it is your own house or the store, that has changed whether dramatically or not much at all and you never know and I think that is exiting . I am slightly physic and am slightly mentally crazy , my eye color changes with my emotions and many people have witnessed it . I also love anime and watch plenty of it even though I got introduced to it about a year ago. I also live with four loud dogs and my parents . feel free to talk to me I don't bite ( well... ) and I will reply.BENNY Drowned (talk) 07:17, August 14, 2014 (UTC) BENNY DrownedEdit

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