Hello, my impressionable kiddies, and hormone-driven lovelies! 

I am Axlthekoopakid/TheCreepingPasta. You might have seen a few of my previous blogs on this site. I have been known for bitching and moaning about issues that are both not my fault and are difficult to do anything to make improvements. From the infectious writer's block, to the contagious unorigionality of many of today's new writers on this site. Let's just face it; complaining about these subject matters is as futile as trying to stop an oncoming meteor shower of doom with landmines. 

But, I digress...

I'm starting this little series of blogs to carve-- I mean, put smiles on your adorable little faces! Not only that. I would also like to see some of your opinions on what you would do if you were put into situations involving Creepypastas. I might also calculate averages of the answers. Don't worry, it'll be fun! :)

Darkness Unveiled Mainly By Axl's Screwed-up Situations

Question One:

If you were forced to survive 24 hours of being stalked by one of the Creepypasta creatures, which one would it be, and why? 

a). Slenderman

b). Jeff the Killer

c). The Rake

d). Jane the Killer (Why the fuck am I including her again? Eh, screw it...)

e). The Pocket

f). The Gristers (Yes, I'm including them, too... I know, this is the only plural choice, so please shut up.)

If you have any other choices, please let me know. :)