I have this weird thing where if I look from my bed to the doorway in night it's just dark, Just like normal. But when I look away, The corner of my eye, I see the doorway light up. One night, I was looking from the corner of my eye and I saw. A shadow of a human shape was there beside my door but looked at it, it was gone. So I tried looking from the corner of my eye again, It was not there, but it was right on my door. So I went to sleep. When I went to look at the sky light from out the curtain, I saw the shadow on the street. It was BIG. Very BIG! So I went downstairs through the front door into the garden then there was no shadow. I was very fustrated at this point, So I went to bed.

3:46 AM

I was woke up by a stepping noise outside my door, my door was half closed so I couldn't see what was behind until something really really strange happened. The door opened with a creek. Nothing was behind it so it must of opened itself. But it didn't. The shadow was behind the door with red eyes. It came slowly.