It all started with that one sign. A little light-headed. Actually, my whole body felt lighter. It was just nothing. A week or two later, I started smelling things. They smelled delicious, but there was no food at the source. It was actually a person. I talked to my dad about this, and he just chuckled. He just randomly walked out of the room. It was very awkward, and strange.

A month or two later, I went into the cafeteria. Both scents just set me off. I closed my eyes, and followed my senses. I thought I was in the food area of the cafeteria, and took a bite of it. It tasted amazing, not like anything I've ever tasted. It was my favorite food in one taste. Then the screaming began.

First, I heard the lunchlady scream and cry, then the whole room. I let go of the food, and opened my eyes. They were all trying to hurt me. The whole place did in not much time, and I ran out in fear. I ran the whole way to my home, strangely very fast. As fast as a car, almost.

I came in. My dad was standing there, as if he was waiting for me. The news was on, so I walked over to the TV. The headline was "12 YEAR OLD EATS CAFETERIA LADIE'S ARM!", and it showed a security clip. It was of me, taking a large bite out of the arm of my cafeteria ladie. "Son?" My dad came in and asked. "How do you like it?". I could'nt be! I can't be! But I am. Now, I'm fine with it. I can easily get my prey, and one more thing. Have a good day, and a nice sleep! I know I will.

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