In regards to the planning and prewriting for my creepypasta, I've been kind of torn between shifting the main focus between two different details of the story. Is it better to build tension and involvment through the story by making a well defined monster/antagonist, or should the focus be more on the psychological reactions and situation of the protagonist/the POV of the story? I don't think the situation has a right or wrong answer, but I assumed there might be a general consesus as to whether which part is more crucial In the story. On one hand, I could make this really complex, developed villian that people fear due to the detail of his personality,looks, and actions while in the other I could go into more detail about the situation of the other characters, focusing more on their drama, interactions, and their involvement in the plot. Which one builds more tension and would scare/creep the reader more? Of course, this probably wouldn't be an issue in longer stories, but creepypastas don't really lend themselves to be chapters and chapters long, as the goal is to provide an immediate reaction and connection to the reader.  In short: is it scarier to focus development on the monster/antagonizing force, scaring the reader  by lending time and detail to their horrible background, or to build a relation between the protagonists and the readers, forming a connection as to where you fear for the character's lives. You don't want them to die, you understand their emotions in the situation, which causes tension when the characters are in danger?

Even if the answer doesn't turn out black & white, I'd love to hear your thoughts. ^^ Sorry if this blog was a bit rambling, it was just a bit tough for me to articulate the exact words to form my quesstion, as it is a more complex topic.