So hello ^^ My name is Austin, and to be completely honest, even though I've read and got caught up in the characters, storyline, and general height of many different creepypastas in the past, this is the first time I've actually sat down and convinced myself that I want to write them myself. While I enjoy many of the popular characters, I'm not really into writing fanfiction about pre-existing pastas. Instead, I'm determined to create my own worlds, storyline, and characters to showcase my creativity.

 I've ran into a problem though, in that I need to alter my writing style, as spoopyness doesn't come naturally in my work. I want to creat a legitimate relationship with my readers when I publish work, and creeping them out isn't really the first thing I like to do. I'm more of a ethos/logos type person in the sense that I want them to relate to my characters and rationalize with their situation, which in my experience, is hard for this genre of stories.  In fact, I worked to put out a piece for this website already, but after rereading it, I figured it wasn't really creepy enough to count. here's the link if you want to read it as I believe it's a good indicator of my writing fundamentals and skill level. Don't be afraid to critique and slam it though, as I'm focused on improving. 

  I just find these types of stories really fun and immersive, even if they leave me tense after reading or listening to them ^^ I can't wait to discover less known works by searching around on this page and praising unsung pieces, or even ironically delving into less-than-stellar stories. I'll be fair and honest with criticism though, as I don't want to be condescending. I believe we're all focused on improving, so as a group, we need all the support and advice possible.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I'll respond asap. If you want me to critique your work, give me a little bit of time, but I'd love to help.