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    I think im gay

    July 2, 2015 by Asking Alex

    I think I'm Gay.

    I'm not really sure if I am or not, I might just be bi or pansexual. But my problem is I live where It's unusual, I live in a small town where everyone is christian and I don't know what I'm gonna do. My fsmily doesn't really believe in Gay rights either.


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  • Asking Alex

    So I'm looking for some more youtubers to watch, but I can't find anymore I like, so recommendations? 

    These are the youtubers I watch already:

    • Danisnotonfire
    • Amazingphil
    • Caspar Lee
    • Thatcherjoe
    • Matthew Santoro
    • Connor Franta
    • Jake Roper
    • Jordan Sweeto
    • Gay God
    • Jim Chapman
    • Onision
    • Tyler Oakley

      There are a lot more.....yeah I'm an addict.....but those are the main ones I watch though. 

    I'd like to start watching a youtuber who's like some of them, but I can't find anyone!

     Can anyone recommend anyone to me?

       P.S.  I'm doing some promo for a chick I discovered, she's new to youtube and she has real potential, her youtube name is Please go check her out, she's awesome.

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  • Asking Alex

    So I guess this is my blog...

    I don't even know what to write about in a blog. I've never read a blog, what are they for? 

    Are they like online diaries? If so I'll write a lot, but I won't call it a Diary, that's so un-manly... I'll call it a journal, if that's what blogs are used for. Can someone tell me what a blogs for so I can know the proper use of it? 

    I don't even know why I decided to start a blog, I just saw the button and thought, 'Why not?'. So here I am, a fitting my thoughts, whatever pops into my head. I sound so much like a girl. Ehhhhhh. 

    My auto correct tried to change Ehhhhhh to Shannon, they're not even remotely close. It's 3:35 In the morning right now, I need to go to sleep. My sister's birthday is tomorrow and we're playi…

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