• AskToast


    June 13, 2015 by AskToast

    Hello everyone I am AskToast. I am new to writing creepypastas. I currently have a pasta in the works, you can view it in the writers workshop. Anyway, I enjoy writing, drawing, and I am a huge youtube nerd. My favorite things to watch are top lists. Like top 10 scariest legends, 50 amazing facts, etc. I also love watching Markiplier, Rob Dyke, Matt Santoro, Rosanna Pansino, etc. My current obsessions are steven universe and the walking dead. Other than that I also love anime, manga, anthro stuff, video games, etc. I am pretty easy to talk to. If I don't reply right away don't think I am being rude. I am just extremely shy. Well I hope to meet some of you. :) 



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