None of you guys are scary. I apologize for this, but you can't frighten me. Me, the girl who would run up to "big bad" Slendy and give him a hug. Me, who would say "hold on, Jeff, I'm not done with my painting!"

   My gods, the scariest thing about Ben Drowned is that I actually understand what it feels like to be trapped under water. And don't even get me started on Eyeless Jack!...actually, he's a very interesting case. I am honestly curious about him. I wonder why he's still alive, some sort of demonic possession or do you think he became a demon himself? Also, do you think the most painful part of the sacrifice was the loss of his eyes/ hot tar or the plucking out of his organs bit by bit.
   Now, don't get me wrong, I am a total coward. A freak who has nightmares (though completely unrelated to Creepypasta) every time she closes her eyes. I'm paranoid, love to feel pain, and have a hard time sleepy, but I do have a soul despite what some might think. I feel bad for the pastas/proxies, but I doubt any of you feel that way.
   Why is death always so painful in this fandom?