I think people really miss the point of how computer file pastas can be pretty scary. It's not about the computer file, or the game, it's about what is behind the file, what is behind the game, what is being masked by this file in this computer. What kind of monster lies behind these pixels of light and bytes of sound on my monitor? How is it controlling me? What is it's purpose? These questions are what drive the fear for these pastas that revolve around files being haunted with spooks. The unknown, the question, the unanswered question. That is the fear that we all want from these pastas.

However, I see that most people focus more on the game or the file itself, instead of the entity behind it. They focus more on the game and it's characters, rather than the monster, or the fear. Unfortunatly these games have become widdled down to mostly Pokemon, and old nintendo games. Which really, aren't scary at all. Cmon Sonic.exe? Try playing Sonic 06' and tell me which is scarier. Focus on the monster, focus on how this file is affecting the narrarator's psyche, focus on the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Not the fear of Megaman being ripped apart by Birdo. Jeez people.