Looking at a lof of the creepypastas, and a lot of the blog posts; I have found that there is a common trend. That many creepypastas lack originality. Keep in mind, that when I say originality, I am not just talking about "Oh this story has slenderman lolol unoriginal", although that is also kind of annoying to see, I am talking about the originality in plot. Many stories, uncluding my own, follow a set plot line.

  • Everything is normal, something weird happens, weird escalates, end.
  • Shit's going down, people die/main character is dismembered, escape/death, end.
  • Lost episode, fucked up shit, end.

The Object series is less so, because it has to follow a beggining format, but after that, most stories are similar as well.

  • Go to mental hospital, front desk person has constipation, creepy hallway, door open, end.

I think people really underestimate how originality can effect horror in a pure nature. The unexpected, the new and fresh ideas, and new names for monsters can really create a mental stamp into the reader, becoming marked by the story forever. Originality stimulates our brains and makes us think about it more, because it is a new concept, plots that are unoriginal are easily forgotten because they are old concepts. Mind fuck endings, and shock endings are much more memorable than if they were not. Stories that drive a new plot are more memorable than more of the same.

So TLDR; Originality is like sprinkles on the cupcake that is horror. If you don't have an original idea, then try thinking about one for a little bit, because unoriginal horror stories kinda suck and we have waaaaay too much already.