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  • Arrownin

    I think people really miss the point of how computer file pastas can be pretty scary. It's not about the computer file, or the game, it's about what is behind the file, what is behind the game, what is being masked by this file in this computer. What kind of monster lies behind these pixels of light and bytes of sound on my monitor? How is it controlling me? What is it's purpose? These questions are what drive the fear for these pastas that revolve around files being haunted with spooks. The unknown, the question, the unanswered question. That is the fear that we all want from these pastas.

    However, I see that most people focus more on the game or the file itself, instead of the entity behind it. They focus more on the game and it's charact…

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  • Arrownin

    Originality and Horror

    December 3, 2012 by Arrownin

    Looking at a lof of the creepypastas, and a lot of the blog posts; I have found that there is a common trend. That many creepypastas lack originality. Keep in mind, that when I say originality, I am not just talking about "Oh this story has slenderman lolol unoriginal", although that is also kind of annoying to see, I am talking about the originality in plot. Many stories, uncluding my own, follow a set plot line.

    • Everything is normal, something weird happens, weird escalates, end.
    • Shit's going down, people die/main character is dismembered, escape/death, end.
    • Lost episode, fucked up shit, end.

    The Object series is less so, because it has to follow a beggining format, but after that, most stories are similar as well.

    • Go to mental hospital, fron…
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  • Arrownin

    Just finished my second story for the wiki! Hopefully I can improve a lot more in my writing, it would be great to start making stuff that my friends would know about in the future and I can say that I wrote it. (They can promptly say that I'm a dirty liar and that I am going to hell... lol). Any critque is accepted, and I love to get feedback, it will definently help me improve. Thanks guys!

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  • Arrownin

    First Story!

    November 29, 2012 by Arrownin

    Finished my first story yesterday, it was kind of long, but I think that the overall feel for it was good. I'm a novice at this horror writer stuff, so I'll try to go for a shorter story today, something that feels... More personal to the reader.Hopefully I can give some chills to some of my readers. I need to keep posting, thanks for all those who read my crap!

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