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    hey jessa!

    April 27, 2012 by Appygut

    It's a scary thing to have to attend someone's funeral. Especially someone you used to be close with. I have no idea how or if I could handle losing someone I deeply cared about. Recently I have had to attend two funerals. My uncle, Shawn and a dear friend, Wade.Of course I was upset about my uncle's death but we weren't exactly close...Wade on the other hand was hard for me. I didn't show it at the funeral but Wade and I have had a few deep conversations together. Wade was the type of person that was addicted to drugs. He loved being fucked up and was constantly on them. I wanted to help him so desperately. I eventually gave up on the issue and moved on. This past Christmas we somehow found our way back to each other. We confessed that we…

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