• AnnaEverlasting

    Be careful

    November 13, 2012 by AnnaEverlasting

    Anna was you say different girl. She didn't enjoy mainstream music or clothing like most girls her age. She liked darker music and dark clothing. She hated many people. Most of her school, some family, and in general alot of people.

    She enjoyed the sight of blood. Mostly it was hers. She was scared to make others bleed due to the thought of being locked up or getting in trouble. So she hurt herself. Alot.

    Until one day her blood could give her the satisfaction she craved.

    She was getting ready to go to school when she felt the need to see blood. She cut her arms as much as she could before her mom yelled for her to hurry up. She took one of her many hidden razors from her room and walked out of her room. Her arms bleeding. But she didn…

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