• AnimerGamergirl

    hi this is a blog about if they were human or not

    L.J or LAUGHING JACK : He was a imagination of Isaac a boy who was abused and had no one ,they grew up together and Isaac became distant to him .L.J started to get thoughts that he was going to forget about him and he did ,and the clown A.K.A L.J got mad and murdered him .Once he was done he left to find more kids to kill ,until slender man found him and took him in ,but the mystery of him having a carnival still goes by just like the children he plays with.

    TICCI TOBY or TOBY: he was a kid who had many sicknesses , he was bullied since he was in elementary school he would be surrounded by kid who would hurt him , and make fun of his sicknesses. as the school year went by he just disappeared …

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