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    Weird Story

    January 23, 2016 by AngrydroidForce99

    I am making a very weird story series about a weird world called Tenretni (Internet backwards) where there are Creepypastas, Minecraft Guys, Bomber Jets, Wikia Users, the British Army, portals and stuff. So you can show me a cool pasta and I can include some stuff in it in my story. NOTE: Don't say Slenderman because he is already a main character.

    Here is the story.

    • 1999
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  • AngrydroidForce99

    Hi, i'm AngrydroidForce99 and I am doing creepypasta reviews. I just did Last Summer's review on central. If you want a pasta to be reviewed, tell me the ones you want me to review.

    • Crescent Forest
    • Caffeine
    • There's Something in the Way
    • Modesto Man
    • My First House
    • Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman
    • Secret Bar
    • For Love and Hot Chocolate
    • Joe Montana Saves the Princess
    • The Demon Tobit of Delphia
    • The Cat
    • The Charlatan
    • The Elder
    • Fourth Wall
    • Petals
    • The Fishing Trip
    • Father's Love
    • Paulie's Puppy
    • The Grey Man
    • Historic Points of Interest--Ferrisville
    • The Magician's Game
    • A Game of Impostors

    • Last Summer
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